Gold Health Examination Program

Flat rate 6,200 THB

Examination List  
  Physical Examination  
  Eye Examination  
  Vital Signs,BW,Height  
  Body Mass Index (BMI)  
  Chest X-ray (CXR)  
  Electrocardiogram (EKG)  
  Urine Analysis (UA)  
  Complete Blood Count (CBC)  
  Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)  
  Cholesteral Blood Test (CHOL)  
  Triglyceride Blood Test (TG)  
  LDL-C Test  
  HDL Test  
  Kidney Function Test (BUN)  
  Kidney Function Test (CR)  
  Liver Function Test (SGPT)  
  Liver Function Test (SGOT)  
  Liver Function Test (Alkaline Phosphatase)  
  Hepatitis B Test (HbsAg)  
  Hepatitis B Antigen Test (Anti HBs)  
  Uric Acid Test  
  Thyroid Function Test (TSH)  
  Upper or Lower Abdomen Ultrasound  
  Bone Density Examination  
  OPD.Hospital Service  
  OPD.Nursing Service  
  B.Care Gold Card  
  Starbucks Card  


1.      Cannot be used with other discounts and promotions
2.      Hospital reserves the right to change the rates without prior notice
3.      From 1 March2017 –31 March2018