Flat Rate Standard Delivery Service

Flat Rate Standard Delivery Service

Flat rate of 29,900 THB (Deluxe room 3 days 2 nights)
Program includes
·       Doctor fee
·       Labour room, maternity ward for mother and baby
·       Equipment and devices for delivery
·       Heart examination for the baby (during pre-delivery)
·       Medicines and basic pharmaceuticals for mother and baby during recovery in the hospital
·       Vaccines for the new born baby including tuberculosis and Hepatitis B
·       Mother’s laboratory fee for CBC
·       Baby’s laboratory fee for blood group, thyroid abnormality check
·       1 time exercise guidance by physical therapy
·       Service for birth certificate
·       Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) for baby
·       Gift voucher for 1st tooth check
·       Gift voucher for 1 time baby’s development evaluation

The Program Does Not Include

·       Treatment during pregnancy 
·       Treatment for complications of mother and baby such as obstetrical hemorrhage, neonatal juandice
·       Additional cost incase of multiple pregnancy
·       Additional cost for sterilization, tumor removal
·       Additional cost for overstay in the hospital
·       Medicine and pharmaceutical costs that are not included in the program such as postpartum belly wrap, additional medicines
·       Private expense in the ward such as beverages, food for visitors and telephone

Valid until 30 December 2017

For more information, appointment, rooms viewing and discount, please contact 02 9948200-4 ext. 3333