Diagnostic and treatment for diseases in newborn – 14 years
Neonatal jaundice, colic
Respiratory disease, cold, cough, bronchitis, allergy, asthma
Dengue fever, influenza
Measles, chicken pox, hand foot mouth disease
Gastritis, enterocolitis, vomit, diarrhea, watery stool
Urinary tract infection

List of Doctors
AVM. Dr. Sutharee Nernlop
Dr. Boonchai Prapakornmano
Dr. Sirikanlaya Jaruvet
Dr. Saran Paiboonsilp
Dr. Donyawan Puengsujarit
Dr. Panatacha
Dr. Noppawan
Dr. Thanida
Dr. Prapaporn
Dr. Supaporn Techataweewan

Heath Program
Vaccination Program for Child Age 2-12 Months
Vaccination Program for Child Age 3-4 Years
Alternative Vaccination Program, RotaVirus
Alternative Vaccination Program, IPD

Health Articles
Hand Foot Mouth
Disease RSV Virus