Advice and service for family planning such as;
Contraceptive Pill
Injectable Contraceptive
Contraceptive Implants

List of Doctors
AVM. Dr. Supatcha Chanvises
AVM. Dr. Sureeporn Boonchong
Dr. Wiwat Hemanont
Dr. Amporn Thaisomboon
Dr. Preeyatat Charoenchang
Dr. Nathaporn Tantiveerawong
Dr. Boonyaporn Chaisaj
Dr. Porawan Tangtham
Dr. Songpon Sonthichai
Dr. Patiya Nathachote
Dr. Monchai Santhipab
Dr. Yanyong Imsuwan
Dr. Wathit Moongkarndee
Dr. Sarut Kijancharoen
Dr. Santi Srisermpoke
Dr. Paweena Paliwong

Health Articles
Contraceptive Implants 1 Rod for 3 Years