1. Gynecological disorders treatment such as chronic pelvic pain, fibroid in female reproductive organs, polycysticovary syndrome, chocolate cysts, ovarian fibroid, ovarian cancer
2. Gynecological surgery to treat fibroid in female reproductive organs using Laparoscopicand Laparotomy surgery
3. Consultant for family planning, birth control, oral contraceptive usage, contraceptive injection, intrauterine device insertion, Contraceptive implantation, sterilization
4. Screening of cancer in female reproductive organs, cervical cancer with Pap smear, ThinPrep Pap Test
5. Diagnosis and treatment of cancer in female reproductive organs
6. Gynecology Laparoscopicexamination and surgery
7. Individual consultant on appropriate prevention for cancer in female reproductive organs, annual health check for woman 8. Consultant and vaccination for cervical cancer prevention (Suitable for age 9-26 years)

List of Doctors
AVM. Dr. Supatcha Chanvises
AVM. Dr. Sureeporn Boonchong
Dr. Wiwat Hemanont
Dr. Amporn Thaisomboon
Dr. Preeyatat Charoenchang
Dr. Nathaporn Tantiveerawong
Dr. Boonyaporn Chaisaj
Dr. Porawan Tangtham
Dr. Songpon Sonthichai
Dr. Patiya Nathachote
Dr. Monchai Santhipab
Dr. Yanyong Imsuwan
Dr. Wathit Moongkarndee
Dr. Sarut Kijancharoen
Dr. Santi Srisermpoke
Dr. Paweena Paliwong

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Cervical Cancer