Diagnosis and treatment for infertility condition such as;
Provide advice for couples who would like to have a child
Diagnose and evaluate the cause of infertility
Infertility in female
Infertility in male
Analysis of semen
Hormones and genetic test
Oval and uterus ultrasound
Lower abdomen Laparoscopic
Angiogram in uterine and fallopian tube
Ovarian stimulation

Artificial Fertilization by injection of sperm into the uterus (IUI). The Doctor will choose the healthiest sperm and inject it into the uterus during fertilization period.
In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) doctor will fertilize eggs and sperm in laboratory and reinsert fetus back into female’s uterus.

List of Doctors
AVM. Dr. Supatcha Chanvises
Dr. Uthanchai Rojanavipat
Dr. Paweena Paliwong
Dr. Porawan Tangtham

Health Articles
Infertility in Female
Infertility in Male