Diagnosis and treatment for menopause

Menopause in Woman
often occurs in woman age 45-55 years, with an average age of 50 years old. During this period, ovaries will lose their reproductive function and stop producing eggs. As a result, menstruation will stop and estrogen hormone will decline, these causes both physical and mental change in women, which varies in each case.

Menopause Symptoms
Stop having period or period becomes irregular and shorter Hot flashes, especially on the upper part of the body.
Fatigue, palpitation, and sweat during the night
Shivering without any clear cause
Experience sleep problem, cannot sleep or insomnia
Thin, brittle bones, which can be broken when falling or hitting Muscle pain and joints pain
Dry Vagina, reduced lubrication, pain during sex
Frequent urination, urinary incontinence
Skin will become dry and thin, prone to wound. Patient will experience itchiness and be
prone to allergy
Hair will become thinner and rougher and patient might experience hair loss
Quick emotional change, stress, upset without reason, anger, sadness, uncontrollable emotion,
in some cases, patient might experience forgetfulness, dizziness and depression

List of Doctors
AVM. Dr. Supatcha Chanvises
AVM. Dr. Sureeporn Boonchong
Dr. Wiwat Hemanont
Dr. Amporn Thaisomboon
Dr. Preeyatat Charoenchang
Dr. Nathaporn Tantiveerawong
Dr. Boonyaporn Chaisaj
Dr. Porawan Tangtham