Diabetes is a syndrome where the body cannot absorb sugar, resulting in high blood sugar and contamination of sugar in urine. Cause: the genuine cause of diabetes is unclear but there are some main factors that cause diabetes such as;
1. Genetics – the disease is most commonly found in those who have diabetic parents.
2. Germs or medicine destroying the pancreas cells, as a result, the pancreas cannot produce sufficient insulin.
3. Obesity, stress, lack of exercise, pregnancy can all cause diabetes.

1. Frequent urination, ants attracted to the urine
2. Frequent thirst, drinking a lot of water
3. Lose weight despite the amount of food consumed
4. Weight loss and fatigue
5. Prone to wounds and boils, slow healing process
6. Itches on body and reproductive organ
7. Muscle pain
8. Numbness on hands and feet
9. Loss of libido
10. Blurred vision, have to change eyeglasses often
11. Delivery of a child that weighs more than 4 kg (Diabetes in pregnant woman)

Complications of acute diabetes
1. Prone to infection, wounds and boils. Infection can spread quickly and prone to feet infection and tuberculosis.
2. Loss of consciousness from high or low blood sugar.

Complications of chronic diabetes
1. Cardiovascular disease, chest pain, heart failure, myocardial infarction
2. Stroke, paralysis, difficulty swallowing, speech problem
3. Blurred and dazzled vision, loss of vision
4. Kidney inflammation, kidney failure
5. Peripheral neuropathies, numbness on hand and feet
6. Difficulty urinating
7. Loss of libido
8. Constipation and diarrhea

Treatment and care for diabetes and guidelines for diabetic patient
1. Follow the diet guidelines for a diabetic patient, control amount and certain types of food. Avoid sweets.
2. Control weight and avoid obesity
3. Exercise regularly
4. Check blood sugar and sugar level in urine regularly
5. Take medicine as prescribed by doctor
6. Avoid smoking, drinking and high sodium food
7. Take care of feet hygiene
8. Relax and avoid stress
9. Have candy or sugar at hand to avoid loss of consciousness due to low blood sugar
10. Meet with doctor for examination immediately if wounded or infected