What is Congenital Microcephaly?

Congenital microcephaly is an uncommon disease that is caused by genetics or harmful environment such as radiography or infection. A newborn with this disease will have a smaller head than normal when considering pregnancy months and gender. Congenital microcephaly might occur with other complications such as epilepsy, delayed development, or abnormality in suction or swallowing. The severity of the complication may vary and may be fatal.

The effect of congenital microcephaly on the child’s health cannot be estimated. The child requires a health examination and close observation to evaluate the effects of the disease. Currently, there is no specific treatment for congenital microcephaly.

Is there any way to confirm that a child has congenital microcephaly?

The most reliable way to diagnose the child is to measure their head circumference 2 times after delivery and a 2nd time when the child is 24 hours old. Once diagnosed with congenital microcephaly, our multidisciplinary professionals will begin their close observation and care-taking.

Pregnant women should receive health examinations and antenatal care regularly.


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