Pregnancy Test Via Urine Sampling Method

Pregnancy test via urine sampling method can be done using pregnancy test kit distributed in pharmacies. The method involves screening of HCG hormone, the hormone released by the fetus, in urine. The test can be done soon after fertilization and growth of the fetus in the womb. In general, the result will be positive (pregnant) around the 14th day of fertilization when there is sufficient amount of HCG hormone in the mother’s urine. However, a pregnancy test using urine can be false if there is an insufficient amount of hormone in the urine.

If you miss your period but the test result is negative, the test should be done one more time or you should make an appointment with a doctor to receive laboratory test or other examination. The patient should inform the doctor about the former pregnancy test including time of the test and the kit used for the test, as well as the history of their period and other symptoms.

In case the result of the test is positive, you should make an appointment with a doctor to ensure the result and to receive health examination for a healthy pregnancy, including receiving other services such as blood test, pregnancy supplementation, ultrasound and advice during pregnancy.