General Conditions and Exceptions for Health Insurance

Cases That are Excluded from Health Insurance
• Any chronic diseases or diseases that occur prior to the insured date, including complications from the diseases.
• Any treatment of congenital diseases, development problems or genetic diseases.
• Pregnancy, giving birth, miscarriage, sterilization, birth control, infertility treatment, except in case that the additional benefits on maternity is insured.
• Aesthetic treatment such as treatment of acne, blemishes, freckles, dandruff, hair loss, weight control.
• AIDS or diseases related to AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
• Treatment for sexual dysfunction, sex reassignment surgery
• Recovery treatment and saline solution feeding without injuries or illness.
• Health Examination and Examination (without any visible symptom)
• Treatment, prevention and examination for anti-aging (including prescription of vitamins)
• Treatment for mental disorder, stress, sleep disorder (including prescription for mental disorder and sleeping pills)
• Alcohol or drug addiction
• Any health examination that is not necessary or directly related to medical treatment
• Trial treatment
• Alternative treatment that does not conform to modern medicine such as acupuncture and acupressure
• Services by special nurse
• Vaccination, except vaccination for tetanus and hydrophobia after attacked by animal
• Oral and dental treatment
• Eye treatment and visionary aid equipment
• Hearing treatment and hearing aid equipment
• Equipment for physical support such as crutch, body aid equipment
• Transplantation and prosthesis implantation such as arm, leg, eye, kidney, defibrillator and intraocular lens
• Prepaid service and treatment

Notice: Conditions and exceptions above are only guidelines, details may vary according to contract or insurance between the insurer and the insured person.