Alternative Vaccines Program for IPD Prevention

Pneumococcal vaccine (IPD) Prevnar 4 doses, flat rate  9,900 THB
Pneumococcal vaccine (IPD) Prevnar 3 doses, flat rate  7,900 THB
Pneumococcal vaccine (IPD) Synflorix 4 doses, flat rate 7,900 THB
Pneumococcal vaccine (IPD) Synflorix 3 doses, flat rate 5,900 THB
Flat rate excludes pharmaceuticals, doctor fee, service and nursing fee, outpatient fee
After purchase, the program cannot be refunded or exchanged to other services or medicines
The condition and rates are valid from 11 July 2016 –30 June2017
For more details please call 02 9948200-4 ext. 3333


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